SwissDeck® Interlocking Flooring Tiles

SwissDeck® is the floor finish for all kinds of floors. With the SwissDeck® floor tiles you easily and quickly make a very attractive and comfortable floor for permanent or temporary use. The tiles are put "suspending" on a hard base and clicked together. The result is a so-called modular floor that you can always take with you when you move or expand.

SwissDeck® floor tiles are perfectly suited for, e.g., garages, workshops, shops, balconies, etc. SwissDeck® floor tiles are the most cost-effective solution in comparison to epoxy floors or other coatings. The floor can be installed in one day, but also in parts, without any need for glue or other agents as is the case for epoxy floors that have to be laid in one go.

SwissDeck® tiles are made of an environmentally friendly, recyclable and UV-stabilized polypropylene, we give 3 years warranty for discoloration. A number of additives make the product antistatic and immune to wear and tear.

Perfect for heavy-duty floors. The rolling resistance of SwissDeck® tiles is very high and can even cope with lorries and is resistant to oils, petrol and other automotive chemicals.

SwissDeck® is antibacterial and is treated against mildew. SwissDeck® is antiskid, very easy to clean and creates a pleasant environment for your workplace or storage room.

SwissDeck® tiles come with a 15-year warranty and are available in all kinds of styles and colors for garages, shops, balconies, workshops, showrooms, fairs, aircraft hangars and many other commercial or private applications.


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