Can I mix different floor tile colours and profiles?

Yes, you can mix as many colours as you like.
You can also mix tiles with identical dimensions.

In what colours are the edge profiles and the corner pieces available?

The finishing edges and corner pieces are available in the same colours as the tiles.

Can I lay the SwissDeck® floor tiles myself?

Yes, SwissDeck® is easy to install and can be installed quickly. The tiles "click" together easily without any need for tools.

Can I remove and/or replace a single tile without having to break up the entire floor?

Yes, use a flat-pointed screwdriver to remove a single tile without breaking up the entire floor.

Is SwissDeck® comfortable to walk on?

Yes, SwissDeck® is made of polypropylene with 8% rubber; this ensures that the tile is easy to walk on and is better for the knees and the back than a concrete floor.

Do the SwissDeck® floor tiles discolour?

All plastic products are sensitive to UV light, because we add UV protectors into our production process can we give at least 3 years warranty on colour.

Can SwissDeck® cope with heavy loads?

Yes, DiamondDeck®, RibDeck® and FloorDeck® can cope with loads of 25 tonnes per m².
SportDeck® can cope with loads of 15 tonnes per m².

Can SwissDeck® be made to measure if there is any need to do so?

Yes, SwissDeck® can easily be made to measure with a hand saw or a circular saw.

Is SwissDeck® resistant to oils or acids?

Yes, SwissDeck® is resistant to almost all oils or acids, even to battery acid. You have to make sure though that the floor tile does not lie in the vicinity of a direct heat source such as gas burners.

Does SwissDeck® get slippery when wet?

No, SwissDeck® has an effective antiskid ingredient that ensures that the tile remains antiskid even when it has become wet. Most producers spray an antiskid layer onto the tile which wears off after a while. SwissDeck has mixed an antiskid ingredient with the polypropylene which ensures that the antiskid is guaranteed at all times.

What makes SwissDeck® tiles the best floor tile on the market?

SwissDeck® is the "Ferrari" among modular tile floors and we have the highest quality tiles that can cope with very heavy loads. SwissDeck® is the leader in industrial floors and is a perfect solution for other floors.

How can I clean the SwissDeck® tiles?

The SwissDeck® tiles are easy to hose down with water or to mop up with a wet cloth or floor cloth.


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