Swissdeck® vs Epoxy Floor Covering

Epoxy Floors are a great way to enhance the look of any garage, workshop, or commercial flooring. However, if you are considering applying epoxy floors make sure you understand the pros and cons associated to it and learn just how durable they really are.

Durability of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors can bubble and loose their shine soon after application, creating frustration and additional expenses. Furthermore, if you're planning on driving or parking on your epoxy floor, be aware that tires can pull up the flooring. Some automobile fluides will eat through your epoxy floors and cause them to bubble and peel.

The bottom line is, epoxy floors are not as durable as alternative flooring options. If you plan on getting epoxy floors, make sure you are willing to compromise durability for appearance.

Compare SwissDeck® to Epoxy Floors

  Swissdeck® Epoxy Floor
15 year limited warranty YES NO
No hazardous materials or toxic fumes YES NO
No acid - washing or surface preparation YES NO
Fully installed in hours YES NO
Easily installed and moved by homeowner YES NO
Not affected by moisture or automotive chemicals YES NO
Not affected by new or existing foundation concrete cracks YES NO
Excellent slip resistance when wet YES NO
Not affected by hot tires YES NO
Easy to repair if damaged YES NO


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